GIT Geotechnics and Terrain Engineering

About us?
We are a company in Monterrey NL that provides specialized engineering services both in Nuevo León and in other states of the Mexican Republic with the commitment to serve the client in the best way and exceed their expectations.

Why is it important to do a geotechnical design?

It is essential to carry out an adequate geotechnical design of a foundation or containment system to guarantee the safety and functionality of the structure.

It is a priority to know the subsoil conditions to make proposals for structures with optimal dimensions to reduce costs.

Why do a geotechnical design with us?

We are a serious and responsible company that do the project quickly and efficiently. We also have enough knowledge to face these challenges since the general director of this company has a master’s degree in Terrain Engineering with a specialty in Geotechnical Engineering in the Polytechnic University of Catalonia in Barcelona, Spain. He is a professor at the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon teaching such important classes as «Foundation Engineering» and «Geomechanics».

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