Shallow and Deep Foundations

  1. Geotechnical design of shallow foundations
  2. Geotechnical design of a group of deep foundations
  3. Determination of horizontal and vertical subgrade reaction modules
  4. Determination of differential settlements and subsequent verification of structural stability

Stability of Excavations and Slopes

  1. Simulation of excavation stages
  2. Determination of the safety factor by excavation stages
  3. Geotechnical design of retaining walls
  4. Action plans to carry out safe excavations and avoid possible collapses

Hydrological Studies

  1. Verification of the area under study in the Risk Atlas of Nuevo Leon
  2. Definition of external contribution watersheds
  3. Determination of runoff flows using the American Rational Flows
  4. Hydraulic design of the project

Soil Mechanics Studies

  1. Soil exploration and sampling
  2. Determination of the stratigraphy of the terrain
  3. Bearing capacity calculation
  4. Ballast coefficient calculation
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